Executive Board

Laura Mandell
(Texas A&M University)

Timothy Stinson Associate Director (North Carolina State University)

Bryan Tarpley Associate Director of Technology (Texas A&M University)








Bylaws of the Advanced Research Consortium


Board of Directors

Medieval Electronic Scholarship Alliance (MESA-Medieval)

Dorothy Porter, Co-director (University of Pennsylvania)

Timothy Stinson, Co-director (North Carolina State University)








Eighteenth-Century Scholarship Online (18thConnect)

Emily Friedman, Director (Auburn University)


Networked Infrastructure for Nineteenth-Century Electronic Scholarship (NINES)

Michael Sinatra, Director (University of Montréal)

Andrew Stauffer, Former Director (University of Virginia)

Dino Fegulla, Associate Director (Purdue University)








Modernist Networks (ModNets)

David Chinitz, Co-director (Loyola University Chicago)

Pamela Caughie, Co-director (Loyola University Chicago)

Niamh McGuigan, General ModNets Support (Loyola University Chicago Library)









Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC)

Susan Brown, Founder (Guelph University)

Kim Martin, Manager (Guelph University)







Studies in Radicalism Online (SiRO)

Michael Rodriguez, Co-director (Michigan State University Libraries)

Devin Higgins, Co-director (Michigan State University Libraries)

Kelley Cotter, Project Manager (Michigan State University Libraries)








The Great Lakes Aggregator (GLA)

Paul Conway, Director (University of Michigan Libraries)

Networked Early American Resources (NEAR) Pending

Kevin Wisniewski, Director (American Antiguarian Society)


Music Scholarship Online (MuSO)

Timothy Duguid, Director (University of Glasgow)