ARC Spring 2015 Meeting in Toronto

Our Spring 2015 ARC Meeting was held at the University of Toronto- Scarborough this past week, and we had the pleasure of discussing metadata revisions and sustainability plans with our ARC colleagues.

Our open day of meetings on Friday included an energizing discussion of WikiData and incorporation of relational data into the ARC index, which was led by ARC Technical Director, Carl Stahmer. Dino Felluga, NINES Associate Director, presented on The COVE, a project that will be forming a digital environment devoted to the study and publication of Victorian-period scholarly research and teaching materials. ARC Director, Laura Mandell, presented on how visualization can make search into research and demo’d ARC’s visualization project: BigDIVA. And we ended our open meetings with a fascinating report from our Metadata Committee, led by ARC Associate Director Tanya Clement and Rachel Panella from UT-Austin Libraries, in which we took a close look at how our metadata schema is currently being utilized to describe the digital objects ARC has aggregated over the past ten years.


From Right to Left: William Bowen (ReKN), Brandon Walsh (NINES), David Chinitz (ModNets), Devin Higgins (SiRO), Tim Stinson (MESA), Liz Grumbach (ARC, 18thConnect), Andrew Stauffer (NINES), Dot Porter (MESA), Dino Felluga (NINES), Carl Stahmer (ARC), Laura Mandell (ARC, 18thConnect), Matt Davis (MESA), Nicholas Laiacona (Performant Software). Pictured on Skype: Daniel Powell (ReKN).

ARC is very thankful for the generous support of the University of Toronto – Scarborough, Department of Arts, Culture, and Media and all our local organizers in Toronto.