Exploring on the “big screen” in the Humanities Visualization Space at Texas A&M University

(Re)Search via (Big Data Infrastructure Visualization Application) is a search visualization tool developed to interact with the ARC Catalog’s peer-reviewed digital projects, produced and evaluated by field-specific specialists, and incorporating open-access educational resources, digital artifacts, and traditional scholarly materials across the spectrum of humanities research.

Designed for scholars by scholars, BigDIVA categorizes the content without the bias of the search engine ranking algorithms typical of Google and library catalogs search returns.  BigDIVA can display all possible results at once, allowing users to explore which items are interesting and relevant.

BigDIVA is a web-based service accessible on phones, laptops, desktops, and large screen installations and is available free for open-access resources and materials.  Institutional subscriptions are available allowing researchers to explore each of the supported, proprietary databases licensed by that institution along with the freely available resources.

View video demonstrations of on a large touch screen and a desktop computer, see below:

BigDIVA demonstrated on large touch screen


BigDIVA demonstrated on a desktop computer

Laura Mandell and Timothy Stinson presented BigDIVA at the National Humanities Center event, “Digital Humanities Nuts and Bolts: From Idea to Sustainable Project,” on October 2, 2018, video:

Review the BigDIVA Brochure and email for more information on BigDIVA and the institutional subscription options.