Studies in Radicalism Online Launching this Week

RadicalismPortal_SK2For the past several months, the Advanced Research Consortium has been working in partnership with Michigan State University Libraries and the Journal for the Study of Radicalism (MSU Press) to develop a new thematic ARC node. Studies in Radicalism Online (SiRO) will be launching at the end of the month, and the launch will coincide with the Digital Scholarship and Radicalism Symposium 2015, hosted by MSU Libraries.

SiRO will launch with nearly 40,000 digital object metadata records, aggregated from MSU Library collections and proprietary databases and pertinent to the study of radicalism across time periods and humanities disciplines. In the near future, SiRO will continue to aggregate vetted materials from institutions, journals, and historical databases in order to provide a discovery platform for scholars working in all areas of radicalism studies, an endeavor that builds upon a legacy of strong radicalism collections and scholarship at MSU.

Studies in Radicalism Online will be joining the ARC community alongside the established period-specific ARC nodes: Networked Infrastructure for Nineteenth-Century Electronic Scholarship (NINES) at the University of Virginia, 18thConnect at Texas A&M University, the Medieval Electronic Scholarly Alliance (MESA) at North Carolina State University and the University of Pennsylvania. Our period-specific ARC nodes currently in development are the Renaissance Knowledge Network (ReKN) at the University of Victoria and the University of Toronto – Scarborough and Modernist Networks (ModNets) at Loyola University – Chicago. We are currently collaboration with the University of Michigan to develop our first regional ARC node, the Great Lakes Aggregation Project, this Spring 2015. SiRO marks ARC’s first foray into subject-centered collections, and we are pleased to be able to collaborate with MSU Libraries and SiRO Director, Dr. Michael Rodriguez, to facilitate research and scholarship across an ever-expanding spectrum of aggregated materials.

The Digital Scholarship and Radicalism Studies symposium will feature a keynote and featured talks, in addition to panels, from distinguished guests in radicalism studies and digital scholarship. For more information about the symposium schedule, location, and featured guests, please see the following link and/or attached PDF flyer.

See the Symposium schedule at the below link. Official registration is closed, but drop-ins are welcome!

ARC and the IDHMC at Texas A&M look forward to the official launch of Studies in Radicalism Online on March 27th, 2015, as well as further announcements and accomplishments as the SiRO community continues to explore digital radicalism studies.


For more information about how to join the ARC community, either as a peer-reviewed project or as a new thematic, regional, or subject-specific aggregator, please contact the ARC offices at the Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture at